Best Surrey Boudoir Photographer

Best Surrey Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir Photography has been around since at least the early 1920 when the likes of Clara Bow, Mae West, Jean Harlow and other Hollywood Starlets were captured in their Boudoir wearing, lingerie and nightwear.

More recently, Boudoir has been a photography genre more commercialised and now many women choose to have boudoir or glamour portraits taken for either themselves or the loved one.

Many brides choose to have bridal boudoir photo shoots and give beautiful albums to their grooms as a Wedding gift.

"I would love to give my husband boudoir pictures of myself for his birthday" this is a sentence I hear quite often.

But many women choose to have a boudoir shoot for themselves. Its an opportunity to be pampered by a professional make-up artist and to be styled and directed by a professional photographer who is dedicated to showing you in your best light.

This image was designed to have a Hollywood Glamour feel, dramatic directional lighting and some depth and dimension with some foreground lighting.

Captivate Boudoir in Surrey, we relish the opportunity to create some dramatic, erotic and cinematic fine art images. Boudoir Photography doesn't have to be too obvious to be deeply sensual and sexy. Dramatic lighting and the use of shadows is extremely effective in creating a sense of mystery and to tease the viewer into wanting to seeing more. Even mot full showing the face, with shadows or hair covering heightens the mystery and create an allure. By utilising great window light or adding an artificial light source we can control our lighting and create something unique. In this image Gigi is creating a very hollywood glamour dynamic, with her strong red lip and black bodice. Her hair is dressed in a glamourous vintage style and is falling across her face which limits the ability to recognise her feature which adds tothe myster and tension of this boudoir photographer, taken in our studio in Surrey. boudoir photo shoot surrey

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